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ALPFamily – The Reward Program


For the direct orders using ALPonline technology

Gift points

Extra points

For each order of ticket/hotel/tour via ALPonline technology a travel agency receives 1 Gift point and 1 Extra point.

For every 100 Gift points a travel agency receives a gift worth $50 (to be published on the website).

For every 20 Extra points a travel agency receives a ticket to participate in a monthly lottery (prize – a voucher worth $500 to pay for the stay in any hotel selected or to sell it to the clients).

It’s possible to transfer Gift points within the travel agency and between agencies. Add points from the friends to get more!

After 100 orders a travel agency may buy booking modules:
1. Buy two ALPonline booking modules for the price of one; and
2. Retroactively get the conditions of the Reward Program for travel agencies who have purchased the modules.

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