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Medical Treatment in Israel, Germany and Austria

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MC “Medicine Ask (from 1989) “in cooperation with company ALPOnline offers

Medical Treatment in Israel, Germany and Austria

On the highest world standards of Western medicine

With Alponline you can get from any of the leading medical centers, with the most up-to-date equipment, any of the possible forms of treatment, the best professors, medicines, Alponline takes the responsibility to provide our clients with best prices for medical services!

Alponline the best choice for your health!

  • Arranging consultations with the required specialist in MC “Medicine ASK” in Russia, even before your trip for medical treatment abroad
  • The idividual program for each patient developed by the best professors and specialists
  • Professional Coordinator, speaking in Russian, follows the patient throughout the entire treatment
  • Special conditions for patients in both public hospitals and private medical centers
  • The quick arrangements of a queue, testing, diagnosis and operations, without waiting for their turn and a analysis results for a long time
  • Providing “second opinion” or extramural professional consultation during 24 hours after receiving medical documents
  • Emergency assistance for the delivery of aviation patients from any point of the world with maximum safety
  • VIP services for patients on the basis of a specific agreement
  • Ability to pay directly to medical centers abroad or to Alponline in Russia, regarding discretionary of the customers. Additional commissions ae not charged

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