Комплексный центр по ранней диагностике и профилактике рака


Integrated Cancer Prevention Center

Preventive Medicine is the key to keep our health. All the more so when we deal with cancer.

Adapting a healthy way of the life and reducing risk factors, significantly reduce the chances of developing the disease. Furthermore, early detection of various forms of cancer reduces mortality rate – in some cases up to 90%, significantly improves response to therapy, significantly reduces treatment costs and improves the quality of life of patients.

From this understanding, the Integrated center for the diagnosis and prevention of cancers was established. The cancer is the first of its kind in the country and one of the few in the world. The Center is an innovative and unique in consumption, which carried out extensive testing and diagnosis and cancer prevention, providing an individual counseling. The tests are concentrated in the diagnosis and detection of the 11 most common cancers: skin cancer, oral cavity cancer, breast cancer, uterine and ovarian cancer, testicular cancer, lung cancer, enlargement of lymph nodes, thyroid cancer and colon cancer.

The Center is for a healthy population and people who are at increased risk due to: smoking, obesity, sun exposure or to chemicals, high alcohol consumption, lack of physical activity and more. In case there is a family history of cancer, we can refer and direct you to the appropriate experts.
Using a simple change in lifestyle can prevent 50% of cancers!

The cost of the test is 1800 $, each tested will perform the following tests or part of them, depending on the situation and the doctors’ diagnosis:

1.Filling a structured broad questionnaire designed to detect all the environmental and hereditary factors for cancer disease.
2. Preforming medical review of environmental and familial risk factors and studying the medical questionnaire.
3. Taking blood sampling for comprehensive laboratory testing that include:

  • a.  A complete profile of blood tests including blood count, liver and renal functions, cholesterol, triglycerides, mineral, inflammatory indexes.
  • b. Genetic blood tests for early detection of cancer of colon – an examination of genetic mutation such as APC (Results will be delivered two month later), and CD24 examination (still in a research framework- for that examination results will not be given).
  • c. Blood pressure and pulse (both hands).
  • d. Early detection of cancer of oral cavity – a physical examination by and Oral Medicine Specialist.
  • e. Preventing skin cancer – a physical examinations of lesions and nevi with a dermatoscope by a Plastician.

4. Examination by an Internal Medicine Specialist for mapping personal risk factors to develop different types of cancer. The test consists of:

  •  Preventing colon cancer. Identifying potential risk factors and recommending the optimal test (usually a colonoscopy). Due preparation involved in this test, you cannot perform it that day. If possible, Prof.Arber will personally preform the examination, subject to obtaining the necessary permits.
  •  An early detection of thyroid cancer – a physical examination and if required, referring to preform cervical US.
  •  Early detection of pulmonary cancer – heavy smokers will undergo low radiation chest CT, according to internist recommendation.

5. Meeting a clinical Nutritionist for change of lifestyle, receiving recommendations for cancer prevention.
6. If necessary – consultation with Specialists as – Neurosurgeons, etc.

For females –
7. Early detection of Breast cancer – a manual examination by Breast Surgeon, preforming mammography according to age (over 40).
8. Early detection of uterus and ovaries cancer – US of the small pelvis (vaginal) and PAP smear. If necessary – referring for vaccination for HPV. It is advisable to check in advance, when was the last time you preformed these tests.
For males –
9. An early detection of testicular cancer – a manual examination by an Urologist and if necessary – referring to US of the testis.
10. An Early detection of cancer of prostate – PSA examination over 40 and rectal examination.
The file of the results and recommendations will be concluded by a Senior Physician of the Cancer Prevention Center and will be delivered to the patient’s home within one month from the date of examinations. If a cancer is detected, we will take care to complete the required assessment and to refer to and appropriate specialist.

The Integrated Cancer Prevention Center is located in the Ted Arison Hospitalization Tower, floor 33 with elevators, acting on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the morning hours.


  •  Arrival to the Center is by appointment, Tel: +97236117107
  •  Each patient is required to fulfill carefully the medical questionnaire. It takes about 30 minutes and its aim is to detect background factors that may help in diagnosing cancer risk.
  •  Before reaching the center you have to be fasting for 12 hours for taking blood samples, during which it is advisable to drink water.
  •  The visit in the center is designed to detect risk factors for cancer, prevent cancer and detect future cancer development and detect cancer situations in early stages. However, the current medical knowledge is unable to prevent all modes of cancer, or even detect all existing tumors in all stages. Therefore, we cannot guarantee prevention of cancer development in your body or absolute and definite detecting cancer in its early stages.

Thank you very much for your cooperation, we look forward to your visit.
Prof. Nadir Arber

and the Team of Wellcare Group