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Travel Media Network AdLand


Start earn money immediately.
Best market terms and conditions!

Travel Media Network AdLand is an innovative Media network that specializes in the creation and development of partnerships between advertisers and travel web sites.

Travel Media Network AdLand has an advanced unique optimization Technology that specializes in producing the most effective results for the advertiser and the website owner.

What do we do?

We specialize in online advertising based on CPA and CPL models.

CPL – cost-per-lead. Lead is a contact for a potential sale: the person or organization interested in the proposal of the advertiser. For example: filling in a questionnaire, entry to the seminar, registration for a test drive, news subscription, etc., any form where the user leaves his contact details – name, phone, e-mail.

CPA – cost per action. This is a concrete action carried out by the user when moving from a banner to the advertiser’s site. For example: cost calculation, making a purchase.

ALPonline is ready to offer for its partners the best market terms and conditions, the best brands and individual approach.

How do we do this?

Partner registers in the Travel Media Network and receives a login and password to login to the private cabinet on the ALPonline’s website.

In the private cabinet are shown online all the results of the partner site’s participation in the media network:

  • The current advertising campaigns of the network, prices for lead and action for each campaign. For example, the price per lead can vary from 40 to 140 rubles, price per action, on average – 350 rubles.
  • The number of leads and actions received from the Partner’s website.
  • The amount earned by the Partner for the selected time period.
Why Travel Media Network AdLand?
Starting to work with us, you can get much more profit.
We offer:
The best conditions, high affiliate payments;
Exclusive brands, loyal approval system;
The new ad format;
Market-leading online statistics system;
Professional technical support.

You do not need any experience in this area. We will be happy to help you organize all business processes from scratch.

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