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Products & Solutions


ALPonline’s products and online solutions are suited specifically to the complex and emerging Russian travel market.

Our platform is flexible and modular, sophisticated yet very affordable, hence allowing us to tailor our “Full-Scale” B2B, B2C & B2B2C solutions & products to any partner’s need or request.

The ALPonline’s platform is a set of services that can be used by third party developers to create their own unique solutions. Some of our distinctive features are:

  • A single and unified set of directories.
  • Unified API and data format.
  • Lack of distortion results matching package tours, airline tickets and hotels.
  • Support for credit card and cash payments.
Whether you are a Tour Operator, Travel Agent, Travel Network, Hotel or an Airline, we have ONLINE solutions for you!

Hotel Online Booking Modules

Making Hotel bookings have never been easier with our advanced booking system! Over 400,000 hotels worldwide…

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Tour Packages Online Booking Modules

The first & only B2B2C – Search to e-Pay – booking platform for tour packages in Russia! Offer your clients a fast & easy way…

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Flight Online Booking Modules

No travel booking website is complete without a flight booking engine. Our Flight platform is connected to both GDS…

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ALPLEGO – Create your own website

Don’t have a travel website yet!? We have the perfect solution for you. Create your own travel website in minutes…

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"Hotel Manager" – Distribution System

Your success comes from customer exposure! Hotel Manager is a web-based application…

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Payment Solutions

Online payment technology dedicate for the tourism market. A software program which is integrated within the Tour…

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Travel Media Network AdLand

An innovative Media network that specializes in the creation and development of partnerships between advertisers and web sites….

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Smart Phone & Mobile Solutions

Be Smart and join our Smart Phone B2B solution. Our B2B flight application is out there. Don’t miss this opportunity…

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"Rent a Car" Online Booking Module

Renting a car abroad via the internet is effortless than renting a car at home. By using our B2B2C online car rental…

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Apartments & Villas Online Booking Module

Did not find a suitable hotel for your clients? Why not offer a non-standard and affordable villa. Thousand of private Villas…

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Attraction Online Booking Module

Pre-Ordering tickets to Shows, Museums, Sport Event and more for your next vacation, will save waiting time and money…

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Transfers Online Booking Module

Don’t have a transfer solution to your client? This Online booking tool is exactly what you need. Book online your client’s…

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Dynamic Package Online Booking Module

Do It Your Self – Plan your own vacation from A to Z. By integrating this module to your website you can provide your…

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Bank tour – online

Первое на рынке полностью он-лайн решение по оплате Вашего заказа с помощью он-лайн кредита. Оплатить заказ в кредит вы можете в удобное для себя время и в комфортной обстановке, не покидая дома или рабочего места. Срок рассмотрения кредитной заявки до 10 мин. Срок кредита: 10 месяцев Минимальный первоначальный взнос: от 20% Сумма кредита от 2 [...]

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Первая и единственная система для турагентств по продаже недвижимости за рубежом! Ни для кого не секрет, что наших российских граждан всё больше привлекает недвижимость за рубежом! Мы имеем многолетний опыт сотрудничества с Турагентствами по всему миру. Сейчас мы выходим  на российский рынок со специальной программой для Турагентств, которая позволит Вам зарабатывать тысячи долларов комиссионных, не [...]

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Special Offers

By buying two modules at the same deal, you get 25% discount; buying three – 35%
All new clients till end of 2012 will get…

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