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“SuperALP” module for Tour Operators

Tour Operator, if you are looking for a dedicated B2B or B2C tour package module where you can sell only your own packages to your own agents or customers, this online solution is for you

  • SuperALP gives you more profit
  • SuperALP increases your B2C customers traffic on your site
  • SuperALP provides fast CONFIRMATION from the time of the initial request
  • SuperALP encourage your hotel sells
  • SuperALP the only online way without human resources
  • SuperALP provides the lowest prices in the market
  • SuperALP provides information and prices of Russian and worldwide hotels with large prices range
  • SuperALP makes the way to order easy and simple
  • SuperALP provides all the maintenance and guidance require and saves you further out comes to IT or software
The ultimate online instrument for tour packages search, price comparison, booking and online payment!

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